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Still no bootloader unlocker

Star I

Hi, i bought the ROG 6 because Asus promise bootloader unlock. Now the unlocker been removed few months ago and still no bootloader unlocker app in the website and firmware.

Please clarify when this unlocker will be available.





Hello everyone.


I have posted this info in other posts but as of this moment the Unlock tool will be seeing a preliminary release for Q3 this year.

We'll come back with more information when I get a date confirmation.

we're in Q3 and still don't get the exact date confirmation yet

and september starts

It is September 18th already. Will Asus be able to launch the APK and servers this month as communicated? 

My company has purchased 35 devices to date. We have 5 devices we cannot use until this is resolved.  If Asus cannot resolve this issue within September then, we need to purchase alternative devices.  Please advise ASAP!

Star II

I called them today on 01 70 94 94 00 and they told me it would never be available.

I am very sad for this response