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Battery usage graph and timings broken

Star III

Hey all, on ROG6 here with the latest update. My battery usage tab in settings is suddenly not displaying correctly, graph is gone, and it will constantly say 0 secs since last charge. Tried rebooting, deleting/unisntalling data for Device Health Services but nothing is changing. The battery itself so much as I can tell isn't behaving differently

It looks like so in the screenshot I've included.





Which firmware version are you on? You can find this on Settings -> System -> About phone -> Build number

Star III

thank you for the reply, WW_33.0610.2810.104

Thanks for the info!


Will check back with R&D 🙂

I have this problem too and my Phone is stuck at 100% battery level always. I just RMA the phone and they apparently change the motherboard but i get back this problem again now stuck at 100% no matter how long i use it


same firmware also WW_33.0610.2810.104 repair mention they test it fully but when i got it. it came only with android 12 so i am not sure if upgrading to android 13 cause this issue again?


i guess i might need to rma yet again.