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battery indicator bug rog 6 indonesia user

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hello asus user

i using rog 6 now in indonesia, latest firmware updated, no root, 10 months already

recently my battery indicator bug, sometimes stuck in some % level too long, yesterday i charged my phone from 40% to 53%, and no increase, and after aprox. one hour, it jump to 100%

everytime i played i always use bypass charging, limit battery to 80% and ultra steady charge


at night i played games 4 hours undawn (kinda heavy drain battery game), this morning still 100%


please give me way to fix it, except battery calibration 100 to 0, 0 to 100 (already tried, problem exist again)

i wanna know it is bug or no


cleared health device, clear game genie app, clear power master too

if the battery leak or broken, it should not last long, read above again.



i already read many zentalk discussion about battery issues, and there is no fixed solution (i try google too, they say calibrate) 

i dont think calibrate is the best solution, because the problem can be back again

draining battery to 0% and full charge can make battery broke faster




sorry bad english


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and i have vivo v15 pro phone play games more heavier past few years, never experience battery indicator bug like rog 6


Hi @amongkoko 

Which firmware version are you on? You can find this by going to Settings > System > About phone > Build number.
Could you also please send a screenshot of the bug?


 here is the picture of my firmware Mr. Mattias

i use phone normal. Never root or weird weird stuff. All firmware or OS or android 13 from setting update.

I also wipe all data already which i regret. Just wasting time and effort to setting all up again. Tired. 

Many having this battery stuck issue. But why there is no complete solution to this..

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 today i was browsing app store and see what app in my phone

I notice device health service is not compatible anymore with this rog 6.


What i suppose to do ? Its from system itself android 13 and rog 6 OS.

Battery still bug