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Moderator please answer this question

Rising Star II

so with all the things that happen on our Asus ROG Phone 7 after the update on android 14.


I'm curious "If" something happen to our phone in the near future (let's say 1 or 2 year from now), will asus take responsibility to fix our phone ?

I'm not asking for new phone, but will asus fix the damaged phone under guarantee ?


this update really mess our phone hardware from temperature wise, and we don't know the after effect of those in the coming year.

we can expect this phone to work for 4-5 years right ?


coming from Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XR, using both of those phone for 4 years before the battery and speed fall off. Rog Phone 7 better then those two right ?


ps: i live in Indonesia



Rising Star II

Dude, send your logs so all these issues go away on the next coming update. Follow the steps on the following thread. 

Asking him these question won't solve any of your problems on ur phone and only make things worse by not sending the logs.

already sent him the log before i make this thread


so i dont have the right to ask this question without sending him the log ?

if u buy a product, and the company roll an update that broke your product, u dont ask if it will get fixed under warranty ? if the answer is no, then this is probably the last time i bought their product, included my pc and laptop


ps:their after sales on pc and laptop was good on my experience, they even give me new laptop for the faulty motherboard

Asus will ignore you, they have million sales, why they need to care some brunch problematic guy like us. Always complaint and we have to become free tester for their wonderful Android 14. 

I have no idea why they treat us like this, but what you can do is spreading news on social media since this is fact. And skipping their products.

I never said that my friend . You have the rights to ask whatever you want and I never meant that. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am also concerned like you and all I'm trying to do here is to get everyone a fix asap.