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ROG Phone 6 - NFC stopped working....

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  1. Model Name:  ROG_Phone6 16/512
  2. Firmware Version: 
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: allways after update to Android 12....
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): GPay etc...


NFC  stopped working for me from december 9 2022. ANd still after some updates from ASUS and app updated like GPay. ITs not working at all for payments.
Anyone having the same issue ? - it's total bull**bleep** for NFC module not working in a phone from this range. Some garbage phones that i still use have not a single problem like this.


I did factory reset, connections reset , turning off / on , turning on / off NFC , turning on / off bluetooth etc....

And after this i think that NFC on motherboard is dead....  but i have no time to put on RMA warranty..... and lose everything even if i do backup. 

Maybe someone had such issues and resolve it ?


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I have a rog phone 6  12/256Gb also and my nfc stopped working from yesterday 26.07.2023 . I Don't have warranty anymore what should i do? Replace the motherboard or what?


if u dont have warranty u need to send it to some repair service. NFC module is located on the motherboard but it's replaceable.... and this is anyway bull**bleep** from this kind of phone.. ( i mean malfunction of this kind of functionality)

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I have the same problem with NFC. After purchasing ROG Phone 6D, NFC payments did not work. But then the WW-33.0404.1203.86 update came out and there NFC payments started working properly and I was very happy about it. But a few weeks later another update WW-33.0404.1203.118 came out and NFC payments are not working again. When I attach my phone to a payment terminal, this terminal writes something to the effect that I have to use one payment card. And I have only one payment card activated in GooglePay. So the update has obviously messed up what was working before. Has anyone else noticed the same problem?