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Mobile games do not trigger aptX Adaptive Gaming mode

Star I


Model Name: Asus Phone 6

Firmware Version: 2810.2212.241

Rooted or not: Not

Frequency of Occurrence: Constant 

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Armoury Crate & Cyrus 2

Ear buds: Sennheiser TM3


Like the title says, when playing mobiles games, specifically rhythm games like Cyrus 2 and A dance of Fire and Ice, the audio mode stays as "Qualcomm aptX Adaptive" but when I open the Armoury Crate app it switches to "Qualcomm aptX Adaptive Gaming mode" which has about 100-200ms less latency than the adaptive version. There is a latency testing app called "EarBuds Delay Test" that also switched to the AptX gaming mode.


Attached screenshot is of Cyrus 2 not switching to the gaming mode aptx


Rising Star II

So check in developer option how the earphones are setup


 and check in internet what is the best setting for low MS 

Also download more games and test it there if this gaming mode is on in other games so the problem maybe is in the games


It is solved or not?

After updating firmware the audio auto switches right before the game strarts a song on Cytus 2. So yeah it fixed itself

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Community Manager
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