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Looking into this phone

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name:Firmware Version:Rooted or not:Frequency of Occurrence:APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):In addition to information above, please also provide as much det...

ROG Phone 6 Pro Hotspot problem

I have multiple devices. The Sim card is installed in ROG Phone 6 Pro, so all the other devices connect to its hotspot. When the other devices sleep, they disconnect from its hotspot, but reconnecting when woken up. I've tried the configurations b...

screenshot-20220908-142156-settings.jpg screenshot-20220908-202710-settings.jpg

Unstable frame rate in Honkai impact 3rd ?

I have suspicions that honkai impact doesn't perform well in any of the rog phonesHere is the proof of the average performance on Rog 3, fluctuating FPS between 21-31,CPU and GPU usage are all below 50% or 40% most of the time unless I look at a wall...

screenshot-20220910-202716738.jpg screenshot-20220909-235658665.jpg screenshot-20220909-235612132.jpg

How to make new out of old

Seriously ASUS, rather than go all out on the rather numerous bug fixes, wifi ping, charger, fan, mobile no-data, unsaved settings and so on, release a Batman edition there is no better than TO DO. At worst be realistic, as long as you release someth...

asus-rog-phone-6-batman.jpg asus-rog-phone-6-bug.jpg
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annoying bug that the settings gets lost after each restart

I got my rog phone 6 at newest software.eveytime I restart the device all settings like "which app can be shown above other apps" and which app is allowed to autostart and what app is toogled on in "acessabiltiy helping apps" and can make ui actions ...

Looks like the Rog series is about to die

Sony is holding a gaming-related Xperia launch event on September 12Considering ASUS probably won't be able to step up their game drasticly this could kill of the ROG lineup for good. Sony knows their playerbase best and have created legendary phones...

Aero active cooler button trouble

Hi, sometimes the buttons on my Aero active cooler don't work. nothing happens in the game. however, they blink and I can feel the feedback from them. Anyone have an idea?Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:Model Name:Rog ...