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I just updated to the latest firmware that was released. and it bricked my ROG phone 6

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After having the issue of my phone entering a boot loop whenever I opened the camera app I was so excited to see an update to the phone stability and android security. This was however short lived. I downloaded it and it installed it then asked to reboot so I hit the reboot button. This then tried to reboot once and didn't go any further than showing the asus logo then screen going blank! I have even tried to turn on, tried to boot into safe mode buttons to no avail!!

This has now completely bricked my phone and it still brand new!

This is the worst experience i have had with any mobile devices. Then support is so hard to come by and no phone number to connect to. I bought this phone from JB HIFI in September 22 and ever since then it was unstable. 


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Hi bro, i was on the same boot as you sometime ago. The bootloop stuff when accessing camera and even worse bootloop when applying update. Actually i can pass the asus logo after update after quite a whole hour by disrupting the reboot and then let it reboot by itself for awhile, then force reboot again by holding volume down and power button over and over again. Yeah it was such desperate move but it works somehow. The phone will boot as usual and showing there's error occurred when applying update. After that i tried to contact asus from the phone using MyAsus from settings and ask advice from them, glad they're so kindly listen to my complain and told me to factory reset my device first if it's somehow failing due to android version issue. I tried but to no avail and they told me to bring em to nearest asus center. Glad it was still on warranty until December 2023, the fix took about a week and they said it was motherboard issue. It work flawlessly now even after applying new update recently. I think the only way to fix this issue just by sending it to them, but unfortunately you said the support is so hard to reach and you bought them around September. But if you had time, try to contact them and pay a visit. For a phone that costs half of my Legion 5 pro, yeah it was such a dumb phone experience I've ever had as well.

I'll give them a call. This should be an Asus fix regardless of warranty as it seems to be more than just a few or user error. 

I had the same issues as yours too, but i thought that this was normal so i didnt really think of contacting customer support. But, today i just sent it to the nearest service centre because the led screen display had some black spots and wasnt responding to my touch after i dropped my phone early this morning. This was my first time facing this issues after countless times dropping my other phone and for this phone I sure that I'm being really gentle towards it, at least I havent dropped it more than 10 times in this 7 months. Surely wasnt the best experience using this phone after facing these camera issues, black screen, youtube upper screen not responding and whatsover. I might not consider purchasing rog phone in the future ever again😅

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Yeah i thought so, it's not just us but there are more people experiencing similar issue like this. Hey, do tell me when yours got fixed.