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I just updated to the latest firmware that was released. and it bricked my ROG phone 6

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After having the issue of my phone entering a boot loop whenever I opened the camera app I was so excited to see an update to the phone stability and android security. This was however short lived. I downloaded it and it installed it then asked to reboot so I hit the reboot button. This then tried to reboot once and didn't go any further than showing the asus logo then screen going blank! I have even tried to turn on, tried to boot into safe mode buttons to no avail!!

This has now completely bricked my phone and it still brand new!

This is the worst experience i have had with any mobile devices. Then support is so hard to come by and no phone number to connect to. I bought this phone from JB HIFI in September 22 and ever since then it was unstable. 


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I'm never buying anything with an Asus brand.

likewise..I thought their products were superb in quality. I thought my unit was just a lemon unit but then I noticed a lot of people experiencing the exact same problem that I had. They really need to address this.

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Update: they wont honor my warranty and wants me to pay. They said I can go try sue them. Asus trying to oppress poor people. That's just how it is. 

That's sad. How long will they notice that there is indeed a hardware defect on the RoG Phone 6. The things that are happening in our phone is not a coincidence and affects a lot of users with Rog Phone 6 as well. I just expect it to last long  and function normally  since this is a very expensive phone. 

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Sorry to hear that. I'm also disappointed in this so called "premium phone". My motherboard got replaced twice.. TWICE! in less than a year because of the camera issue and first time I encountered this on a phone brand. Repair time is also a nightmare since it took almost a month to fix. My 3 yr. old legion phone duel still works perfectly with no issues. They messed it up on this model big time.