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I just updated to the latest firmware that was released. and it bricked my ROG phone 6

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After having the issue of my phone entering a boot loop whenever I opened the camera app I was so excited to see an update to the phone stability and android security. This was however short lived. I downloaded it and it installed it then asked to reboot so I hit the reboot button. This then tried to reboot once and didn't go any further than showing the asus logo then screen going blank! I have even tried to turn on, tried to boot into safe mode buttons to no avail!!

This has now completely bricked my phone and it still brand new!

This is the worst experience i have had with any mobile devices. Then support is so hard to come by and no phone number to connect to. I bought this phone from JB HIFI in September 22 and ever since then it was unstable. 


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Hi. The same is happening to me. Turning on camera goes into a bootloop and the update bricked my phone. I'm in the US. i bought my phone in the philippines. I bought it October 30, 2022. Asus wants me to pay 85$ for diagnostics and then more for the repair. Saying its not covered by international warranty. I refused it and they said they will waive the diagnostic charge. I refused still. Since its the update's fault why my phone got bricked. The update is worldwide so it doesn't matter where i got my phone from its the updates fault. They escalated my case but it's been days since a guy named Fitzroy B. Has given me any updates. He said the part needed wasn't available. Still nothing about me getting my phone fixed T n§ charge. Thank goodness I found this thread so I dont have to start my own. 

Asus should handle this. RoG 6 IS NOT CHEAP TO JUST BRICK AND BE A VERY expensive paperweight. 

I'm NOT hoping this turns to a class action lawsuit but if they don't get our phones fixed. I'm willing to go that route.

In Australia it cost $1700. So it's a couple weeks wages for a lot of people. They have a very poor customer support system for mobile 

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If anyone from Asus is monitoring this threadI have screenshots of your chat support not being helpful and refused to repair my phone under warranty. And I'm willing to post them all if you don't fix my phone in the next 5days. 

No kidding! Look me up my case number is:

ASUS Service No=N2310030856-0005


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Has your issue been resolved? What was the resolution?

No not yet I live remotely so phone needs to get to repair centre first