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Downgrade rog 6 to android 12

Star III


I want to downgrade my Rog 6 to older version android 12 bec the new android 13 is making only problem like camera problems if anyone have the old firmware so he can send it to me


Rising Star II

Do you try to delete the cache and data from camera app to see what  will happen also try to wipe cache partition and test the camera again becouse this problem also can be done from cammera application

I tried it it doesn't still front camera (selfie) camera doesn't work 

So you can do only 2 thing 

First- do factory reset if this dont work

Second- send it to repair center becouse this issues can be a hardware problem if factory reset dont work

Factory reset didn't work and I don't think it's hardware problem bec I installed some other camera program from Google play and the camera works fine 

In this case better send it to service if you have warranty you are good and it will be repair for free