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Can I exchange my ROG 6 Tencent Edition with Global edition at Asus store.

Star I

I brought the ROG 6 Tencent Edition in USA not knowing that this is dedicated to the Asian market.
I want to exchange my mobile at Asus Store with global edition. Will it be possible.


Wow, true...

It would have been better if the website shows the prices based on my location or IP address instead of showing blank.

But anyways after I clicked on the US market then the prices showed up.


I have one last question why doesn't it have trade in options I have a  ROG6 mobile I just want to trade in the old device and buy the new ROG7

Yeah, I know. Sometimes I have to manually check that I'm in the correct region to access the content that is meant for the US, which can be annoying 🙃

I could be wrong, but I think it's just that ASUS doesn't have a trade-in program for phones in the States. Just a company decision I suppose.

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Community Manager
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