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Can I exchange my ROG 6 Tencent Edition with Global edition at Asus store.

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I brought the ROG 6 Tencent Edition in USA not knowing that this is dedicated to the Asian market.
I want to exchange my mobile at Asus Store with global edition. Will it be possible.


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Yeah, I know. Sometimes I have to manually check that I'm in the correct region to access the content that is meant for the US, which can be annoying 🙃

I could be wrong, but I think it's just that ASUS doesn't have a trade-in program for phones in the States. Just a company decision I suppose.

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You can always try getting a refund from the vendor you got the phone from.

I have bought it from Amazon 8 months back I don't think so now they will change my device to the global edition. This is pathetic. I don't see Asus selling the devices even on their official page. And also I don't get trad in options with Asus devices. which is pathetic.

Even the ROG 7 device is not for sale officially from the Asus website in United States. but when it comes to other manufacturers like Samsung, Apple Etc, you can see the devices are directly on sale from that official website with offers as well. I just went to the ROG official site, opened the ROG 7 phone page and then. saw the buy in options they even don't list who is the official vendor from which we can buy the device. It's just blank there. Please check the screenshot.

You have to specify the language/region you're in, e.g. switching to "United States/English". The option is all the way down at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, it seems to be displaying the "Global/English" page by default.

Make sure that you have the "us" in the URL ( and you should be able to see the eStore properly.