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Rog Phone 6 - Opening Camera app puts phone into a short bootloop

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I've tried doing some research online, some folks say its a software issue, some say its a hardware issue, personally I do feel that its a software issue, because if I remember to clear the cache and storage of the stock camera app, the issue doesn't happen before I open it.

I've downloaded Open Camera to see if a different app will get around the problem, but I can't change the default camera app, so I'm likely to make the mistake of opening it without remembering to clear the cache. Sort of defeats the purpose as well, I often need quick access to a camera.

Anyone else had this issue and got it fixed? Hoping a firmware update will resolve, but there hasn't been one for a while. Thanks.


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I did encounter this but it only happens when I use the "Camera" feature from WhatsApp. Twice, it hang and put my phone into a short bootloop. It's hard to replicate this issue because now it's working normally again.

Do it right after gaming or while charging for a couple of minutes, it should bootloop again. Common issue with camera cuircut.


Have you tried resetting your phone?

Which firmware version are you on? You can find your Version by going to Settings -> About phone -> Build number

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