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Air Trigger Problem ROG 6 After Update

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Hi all,

I'm facing issue in ROG 6 build number .260 where after the update, my air trigger is not as responsive as before. When I use it, it felt like released suddenly, where my finger was still push the trigger. 

My phone was in good condition, not ever been broke/falling down. Somewhat, after the update, it bring the error.

Is anyone face the problem same with me? 



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I'm pissed! This issue continues to happen again&again&again! I payd over 1000$ for gaming phone which has glitch after glitch each update. What a SCAM! Never ever again I will buy ASUS gaming phone! I cant play CODM, PUGB or other games on GAMING phone cause development team can't fix issue after ONE week? Republic of Gamers should be change to Republic of Shamers!

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same using my right trigger for aim, and left for firing...even if you hold it will released happen after i patch 5days ago

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same happened to me, rog6 triggers messed up after the.260 update.... is there a way to restore the older version while asus doesnt fix this bug?

You can retrieve the old version by downloading it from the phone's official website and installing it with ease


Go to this link, search for the previous version, download it, and install it manually by following the steps

But beware, when you install the older version, all your data will be deleted. You must take a backup copy of all files inside the device before restoring the older version.