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Air Trigger Problem ROG 6 After Update

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Hi all,

I'm facing issue in ROG 6 build number .260 where after the update, my air trigger is not as responsive as before. When I use it, it felt like released suddenly, where my finger was still push the trigger. 

My phone was in good condition, not ever been broke/falling down. Somewhat, after the update, it bring the error.

Is anyone face the problem same with me? 



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Any updates yet for this? Realised that I have the exact same “flickering” issue in game. This happened after the update. Sigh!

No update nor news from the developers. Or did I missing the update, @Mattias_ASUS ?

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I just downloaded the new update. The 34.0210.0210.267 version fixed the problem. Soon all of you will receive the update. I am from Greece so the European version must have it now. 

Thanks @ellasarmy3 I recently got update too. Seems build number .267 now fix the air trigger bug. I just tested it in COD Mobile and works fine with default "Tap" for both trigger. I think Asus has deliver it globally, since I'm in Asia and just recently got the update too.

Hopefully this update bring stability and no more bugs. 

After all, thanks to the devs for fixing this stuff. And thanks to @Mattias_ASUS for delivering our logs.




Thank you for the heads up @ellasarmy3 , I just received the same update version (Asia Region). Still, the admin moderators of this forum could've atleast kept us informed of the fix progress and update before. The version update don't even specify that the Air Trigger problem is part of what was fixed, so not everyone will be aware of such thing without going to forums like this where again not everyone are likely here always.