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Wifi not turning on (hotspot too)

Star II
The WIFI on my ROG5 stopped turning on.
Tried rebooting it many times, no luck.
I also can cause my system UI to crash if i try turning my wifi on many times in a row.

My phone is not rooted, and i never temper with it. And hadn't get any update since i got it in May 2021.
The Software version is : 18.0830.2101.86
Android 11

It is actually the most expensive thing i own (without even counting in my Kunai3 controller). I use it heavilly everyday, and depend on it for work, for driving the company car and for entairtenement in the evening, it is actually the lone screen in my home. Yes, not enven a TV.

Please help me fix this. I really take good care of it. Never dropped, always on steady charge and good charging habits.
While watching a video, it started buffering. I thought i had a temporary connection black out. I went into the options and saw that it doesn't seem to find wifi (or the many neighbours ones that it usually picks up). So i rebooted the phone, and the wifi never worked ever since (the wifi it doesn't even turn on since that time)

Before this, i had the Rog 3.
I still have every thing : the phone box, the Kunai 3 controller box, the Controller, the charger, the original cable the original rog 5 case. The AeroActive cooler and it's box...

This device is my workstation, my GPS, my car dashboard, my TV and my friend xD

Very impatiently waiting for support. Thank you very much.

Zen Master III
No update since version .86, I bet on a tencent with a global rom while hoping for you that is not the case.
Changing the motherboard is the only solution, supported by ASUS and by the warranty in the case of a non-tencent device (non-Chinese), by the seller for Chinese devices (tencent + global rom)
May 2021, you have to act quickly, very quickly if you have a few days of warranty left.

Star II
It is a Tencent version indeed, imported from China
What would you recommend I do?
And do tou have any usefull link to do it.
Much thanks.

Zen Master III
No, sorry, no link, sorry I'm in France
I have 2 acquaintances who also have Tencent models, they had them repaired by independent repairers but it was the screens.

Star II
You mean they hadn't my WIFI probleme, their prolme was the screen?