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WIFI and HOTSPOT aren't turning ON or WORKING

Star II

Model Name :- ASUS ROG 5 - ZS673KS-1B052IN

Firmware Version :- 31.0810.1226.139

Rooted or not :- NOT ROOTED

ASUS Complaint No/ID :- A2110005459-0013

          From yesterday, suddenly Wi-Fi and HOTSPOT STOPPED WORKING, visited service center, They said we have to change motherboard, my phone is out of warranty, so I have to pay 53000 RS / 650 USD to get it repaired, but this one was manufacturing defect (Every one getting the same issue). Why we should pay for this, if it's our fault then fine, But we are not responsible for this by any mean. Please community support us.


Star I

I also faced the same problem. Yesterday at the same time. It's that any software fault. I can't afford to buy a new motherboard. Kindly fix this issue in coming update. It's not my fault. It's Asus software team fault. Kindly fix this as soon as possible. If any one have these issues and later you may get solved, share with us what to do .. 

I also facing this problem!!!!

 What a **bleep**ty phone , not working and problems with no end!!!! Get me my money back you thief's this machine don't work and faulty!!!!! One of the worst and no service!!! 

I am so angry on Asus Rog phone I wanna throw it to the trash!

Zen Master II

You can try to use custom rom and see if your wifi will work again

If I changed ROM or unlocked bootloader, they will not accept or consider my phone in case of lawsuit. If they didn't listen to my comments, I will file a lawsuit. This one was manufacturing anomaly, every one getting this issue, thanks for help.