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WIFI and HOTSPOT aren't turning ON or WORKING

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Model Name :- ASUS ROG 5 - ZS673KS-1B052IN

Firmware Version :- 31.0810.1226.139

Rooted or not :- NOT ROOTED

ASUS Complaint No/ID :- A2110005459-0013

          From yesterday, suddenly Wi-Fi and HOTSPOT STOPPED WORKING, visited service center, They said we have to change motherboard, my phone is out of warranty, so I have to pay 53000 RS / 650 USD to get it repaired, but this one was manufacturing defect (Every one getting the same issue). Why we should pay for this, if it's our fault then fine, But we are not responsible for this by any mean. Please community support us.


Hello, sumit4us  .

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
According to the reply from the relevant department, we have contacted you recently. If you have any doubts about the maintenance, please feel free to PM me.

Thank you.

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My Asus ROG 5s also WiFi and Hotspot is trunk No is there any solution . Please can anyone help me . 

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Same.... my wifi hotspots not working either. I paid 60 k for this phone and started facing this problem after a year.

it happens to many of device owners, I went to service centre and get it repaired with onetime warranty on  replacement of motherboard,due to technical issue from device software this happen in most of the devices ,so they don't charge me any thing but I have to tell you that after repairing in this device i face many issues like camera quality,speaker sound even games like codm ,diablo are also get lagging please if it repaired followup those features,because of of the technical team already told me may be Android update resolve those issues but sorry to say they even not provide any update till last i repaired so I am also have to wait for that.

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