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Wifi and hotsopt not working

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I haven't downloaded the last update since I heard the problem with it, but a couple of days ago my mobile got rebooted and updated, the very next day the wifi and hotspot are not working. even it got power-off automatically a couple of times. When I spoke over the text messages with the agent, They said that I need to send the unit to them for inspection which would cost me around $85 and I should again pay for the repair cost, they will change the motherboard for this problem. 

My question is why should I pay for the unit damage that I didn't cause, there is no service center near me here in Dallas, USA.  This mobile is so important for me as a memory, but it's been only 2 years since I bought it and I cannot use it after this issue. it is so frustrating for me right now that I don't wanna through away this mobile but if this issue doesn't resolve I don't have any other option than carrying this mobile to consumer court.


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Brother same problem with me, in India, they are just sticking to "out of warranty" thing, they know it's faulty part from their side but they are just not taking the responsibility of it, it's a premium Niche phone, no one would have bought this at this price point has it not been for the size, 

People trusted Asus, they are breaking the trust!..that's it!


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Same issue here since last 2 days, here in zentalk (mods) they just told to send Serial number in DM that's it.

let's wait for their reply if the issue isn't solved properly, Then we can reach the consumer court.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please check the top right corner and kindly share the serial number and details requested in the PM inbox.
Thank you.