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ROG 5s Wifi and Hotspot not working after suddenly restart

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Phone restarted suddenly when I was browsing apps. And now my Wifi and hotspot not working. It says Turning on and then switched off automatically. 

Phone is under warranty. If service center replaces motherboard will the issue still arise or not? Anybody help.


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Also anybody who is based dout of Pune visit TVS electronics in Koregaon Park, other 3 Service centre do not operate on mobile phones. Nor do they tell which centre operates. Wasted my day going through every service centre to finally arrive at the one which accepts

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I believe this is a hardware issue take to a repair center.

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In theory it shouldn't, but it's not an issue that can be fixed any other way than going to a repair center 

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I checked and many other uses are facing similar problems. Not sure how my firmware updates. I was on Android 12 and because of the issues in 13 never updated my phone for past 7 months. It restarted automatically one fine day and I see this issue everyone is talking about. I tried updating to Android 13 with all the patches now but seems need to take it to repair centre only as it seems to be some hardware issue.

Wanted confirmation is anybody replaced motherboard and still faced the issue ?

I haven't seen any post or video talking about the issue still happening after the motherboard replacement, this also happened to me on my 5s Pro, that's the reason that made me upgrade from that phone to the 8 Pro