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Wifi and Hotspot Issue in ROG 5s

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  1. Model Name: ROG 5S
  2. Firmware Version: 33.0210.0210.235
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Constantly
  5. APP Name & APP Version (if your issue relates to the app): No

I bought a brand new ROG phone 5s in March 2023, and yesterday its WiFi and Hotspot stopped working. I tried to troubleshoot, but nothing seemed to work. I checked for the warranty, and it shows the warranty ended in 2022, even before buying. That would mean only two things Either I've been sold an old device or their system has made some error; either way, I emailed them regarding the issue. They asked me to register my phone via some link they provided, but that link is also not working.

As I surfed the internet regarding the issue and got to know that many people are facing the same problem, if only I had known it before, I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. Many reviews have said that it cost 48000 rupees for the repair, and there is still no guarantee. I mean, that is insane, I would buy a brand-new phone instead of investing in its repair.

I must say that Asus should take on its responsibility and act upon the issue. As a global brand, they should not fool the customers with faulty products. It will not be in their favour of interest. I hope they will listen to my plea.


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I too am facing same issue in Zenfone 8z

When mine doesn't work I shut my phone off for 2minutes and then turn on, it works for a while then phone will freeze and turn off and I have to start it and it stops working again. The moderators are just not responding their service is bad in Zentalk!!

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Yeah bro same issue is here in same phone since yesterday, wifi and hotspot both stopped working (that's why I'm here) and I also checked internet for this issue and got to know it's a manufacturing defect and we need to replace motherboard, my phone is out of warranty and I won't be paying for whole new phone price to replace motherboard. Can anyone help regarding this, coz after experiencing this I am never buying any asus products 


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