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Rog phone malfunction

Star II

Last year after software update to Android 13 my Rog wifi hotspot stopped working. After going to service centre after 2 months and 4 motherboard replacement the phone started to work again and now my Rog 5 gets switched off and stuck in boot loop randomly. Aslo when I started playing games and use air triggers the right air trigger just stuck and eventually both the air trigger stops working and now the armory crate setting and hardware test is also not showing any activity of air trigger and having massive lag while playing.  I tried clearing chache and restarting phone again as basic troubleshooting but still no good. As a gaming phone we are not able to use the features provided by company properly for gaming .It seems like the flagship series of company is good for only the year of warranty and after that you just have to regret everyday that you bought this phone . Even after spending so much time in service centre I am not able to use my phone properly with any malfunction.  I don't think company gives damm about customer satisfaction after purchasing product. Rog phone 5 Issues after repair. 




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