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ROG Phone 5 ROG Kunai 3 right controller not working when attached to bumper

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG PHONE 5 / ROG KUNAI 3
Firmware Version: Left controller version V3.3.3 Right controller version Not connected Charger version vff.ff.fe Bluetooth version v3.0.8
Rooted or not:not
Frequency of Occurrence:Always
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):Home screen, Any games
Model Name: ROG PHONE 5 / ROG KUNAI 3MIn addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.

The right controller does not work when attached to the bumper. The phone will display this message: "Analog audio accessory detected The attached device is not compatible. Please contact the accessory manufacturer for further support. It used to work for the first few months. It stopped working since around July.
However, the controller does work fine if I connect it to the phone using a USB C cable. Both sides of the controller will work.


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The firmware version changes all the time. It seems to depend on how the controller is connected.
When I connect it with USBC cable with the controller set to USB mode both left and right controller shows V 3.10

Hi @Andimoo 
Unfortunately, this will require that you visit your nearest service center to get this fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience:

Find service locations - Singapore | Official Support | ASUS Singapore
Thank you!

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