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Right air trigger not working properly

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Yesterday onwards my right air Trigger is not performing well, I have a problem on right air Trigger,when I touch right air Trigger it was automatically working and it's automatically scope on off while I touch airtiggger

Give me solution....!

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@CH_ASUS @asus12 @asus12 anyone up for reply

That sounds odd, try to clear your cache by following these instructions
Long press on the Armoury Crate App
Press App info
Press Storage & Cache
In there you can clear your Cache.
Let me know if this helps!
If it doesn't, then make sure to contact your closest ASUS Service Center.

Star II
For my phone i face a strange problem -
Air triggers stop working. When i turn my phone off and then start it again they start to work, but right after few seconds or a minute they stop working again. I noticed this when i was playing PUBG Mobile/BGMI in India. Is this a know problem? Is there a fix?
Also noticed that if i open Game Genie to check if the triggers are active for the game or not it tends to become unresponsive. I highly doubt that this is because of Game Genie. Tried clearing its cache, but that didn't work.
Another thing, if i restart by choosing 'Restart' from power long press option the air triggers still won't work. So i have to choose power off and then start it again by button press.
Any suggestions?

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