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Not showing network ( No service)

Star I

Many time network lost form Rog 5 phone but after restart or  airplane mode it working properly but yesterday 2/09/2023 lost network, then I try everything, like reset network settings,  reset , restart phone , airplane mode, clean sim card tray, I thik my sim damge so I my new sim with same no. But still showing (No Service) i put this sim in my 4 year old phone ( moto g5) it working properly. I think Rog 5 phone is best but now I'm thinking I'm wrong  i face motherboard problem now network related problems.  Compare  this phone to low budget phone never show this type of problem.  So disappointed 


Star I

I've been having a similar issue after picking one up off Swappa. Using the AT&T universal SIM on the USA network with a 1005DC model ROG Phone. Works great on Wifi, think it's a known issue with the 5G and VoLTE but I can't seem to find any VoLTE settings on my phone and I'm not sure how to proceed.  Anyone puzzled out a fix or have this phone working properly on a different network carrier?