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No more Firmware updates on ASUS website!

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Were is no more firmware updates on the ASUS site!

Why ASUS delete Firmware Updates?

Were i can get latest firmware in Russia?



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If Asus really wanted us to stay up to date, they would be keeping all the up-to-date versions available to download. This is not a case of protecting users' security. This is harming our security since we no longer have the option to upgrade our phone that way. If a user is stuck on Android 12, they will be unable to upgrade to Android 13 from the official website's download page, thus exposing them to dangers from newer malware.

Since the firmware download section clearly worked prior to August 16th, THIS IS A BUG and THIS ISSUE SHOULD BE ESCALATED to the website's software development team.

This issue not only affects the ROG Phone 5/5s/5s Pro and older, it also affects the Zenfone 9 and older as well. This impacts many phone generations in the Asus lineup.
Link to ROG 5s Pro Firmware page:
Link to Zenfone 9 Firmware page:

Tagging other moderators so that this issue can be addressed quickly.
@keren_ASUS @Mattias_ASUS 

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Why did you stupid idiots removed firmware downloads from website I will never buy any product from this terrible company ever again 🤬😡😡😡😡

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I came with the same issue! Why there is no firmware updates available on the site?

Guys - lets go to twitter to escalate the situation!

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