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No more Firmware updates on ASUS website!

Star II

Were is no more firmware updates on the ASUS site!

Why ASUS delete Firmware Updates?

Were i can get latest firmware in Russia?




We would like to inform you that we no longer provide previous firmware versions or downgraded software packages on ASUS official website. This is to ensure that the security updates on your phone remain up-to-date with the latest firmware versions. We appreciate your understanding and patience. If you have any question or need assistance, please feel free to visit our service center or call the service hot line, we will do our best to provide help for your questions. 
Thank you.

Thanks for the information! But it's just not ethical not to read the message, but to respond with a prepared phrase! It makes you want to say: "connect with the operator", if you understand what I'm talking about.

I am writing to you that from the support site  ASUS ROG Phone 5S firmware update section removed! Removed not only old, but also new firmware!

Where can I download the latest firmware?

We need a firmware update on the asus official website, this is so frustrating, i am not able to receive a FOTA update on my phone, i need to manual update it, but suddenly there is no option to download, because you guys just remove the option in the official website,

where can we download the latest firmware update?