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No more Firmware updates on ASUS website!

Star II

Were is no more firmware updates on the ASUS site!

Why ASUS delete Firmware Updates?

Were i can get latest firmware in Russia?



Weird, that the firmware for the 6 is still there...

Nice try with the blatant lie. This has nothing to do with security, and nothing to do with up to date anything. This is just a way to screw over customers, because Asus thinks it will force people to buy a new product, and instead, will just make them shop elsewhere, from now on. 

Way to let stupid people ruin things for your company. 


The second week has started, and we do not see the answer. Where is the section with the latest firmware on the support site?


You did not answer the question!

Go **bleep** yourself 😡

I bought the 5s model 2 years ago and will use it for another 8 years, just as I used my previous smartphone for 10 years. Therefore, I need firmware updates for at least another 5 years. If it doesn’t, I’ll sue you, and the next time I choose a smartphone, you’ll get it on the cheek, not my money.