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My Wifi won't turn on and neither my Hotspot on my Asus ROG 5s

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1.Model Name: Asus ROG 5s

2. Firmware Version: 31.0810.1226.146

3. Not rooted

My Wifi won't turn on and neither my Hotspot.

It started around 4-5 days ago.

Suddenly my Wifi won't turn and when I tried switching on the Hotspot it showed Error below it. The Wifi sometimes worked after I restarted the device while plugged in with the Charger but for a shorter duration like about 5-10 minutes and after that the device suddenly restarted itself and the Wifi was gone again. I tried factory reset also, the Wifi worked for sometime but again the problem started after 10 minutes or something.

I have watched some videos that told it's the manufacturing defect and that it's motherboard needs to be replaced. I have the warranty but my phone had undergone water damage and still survived. But I still need the new motherboard which I checked with them the last time when my phone was water damaged and they said it would be around ₹40,000 and the display will be around ₹16,000 which shocked me so hard.

I just need the motherboard though but it's undergone water damage. I am just a student I don't have this much to spend on it which makes the phone twice pricer. Please help me I would rather have it fixed free since it's under warranty.


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My asus Zenfone 8 flip having same issue wifi won't turn on...

Hi @ZT-f8a9bf81 

according to your problem, please refer to the following FAQ to try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problem first.

Also, I have PM you for confirming Wi-Fi issue details.
Could you please check the PM inbox at the top right corner of the screen and kindly provide the requested information?

Thank you.

Sorry but I already tried all troubleshooting steps but they not working, the problems starts when I installed the update, also my camera is not working properly, my camera stop flipping/rotates.

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Im facing the same issue with my ROG 5, unable to turn the wifi on and it is automatically switching off