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Calling issues since 5g availability

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Hey team,

Since 5g is available in my area I'm able to take advantage of it but the issue is with the calling feature, there is this feature on the device called 4g calling which uses 4g data for calling. now when the device is connected to 5g  I won't get calls or won't be able to make calls as the 5g is connected and it is annoying. If I turn off the 4g calling feature the caller is unable to reach me and it tell me the phone is turned off. Please enable 5g calling experience or create a loop so the i can njoy 5g and calling at the same time. Also I'm not able to recieve or make any video calls via normal calling it asks me to download third party app to make video calls.


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I think they just did make a loop.

There wasn't voLte earlier for Jio 5G.

I checked it today and tried making a call.


Screenshot_20230226-103438124 (1).jpg

Hey bud,

Thanks for posting the reply. The answers I'm seeking can be solved by software update. I'm still facing the same issue. If you see the option for calling is set on 4g this need to be changed or update to 5g so that the calling and internet can run simultaneously in smooth manner.  

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Ive been using 5g SA on the jio network. Calls were an issue when the coverage was bad when the network had just launched but now that its been a few months calls seem to work fine without drops or being unreachable. Perhaps your issue is related to coverage too? I have noticed that it does revert back to 4g when im on a call and sometimes VoLTE icon doesnt appear when i enable 5g and have to use airplane mode to reset it🤔

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