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Awful and very annoying tactile issue

Hi i have a big problem with my asus rog phone 5s i must tap 3 at 5 times on the phone to activate an option especially with the navigation bar.i know there is the option glove mode but with this option the phone is too can i solve this...

YLM by Star II
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New to Asus rog5

Hey guys I just got the asus rog 5 pro I think, it's the I005DA. Phone is doing great but I want to know if new update are available, it's on android 11 march 2021 security patch.Thanks in advance. 

DrCryos by Star I
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Random Restarts

I recently updated my rog phone 5s 33.0210.0210.242 and since then it's been getting stuck and then restarting on it's own. Unfortunately it's out of warranty and it is not usable now, it restarts after every 3-5 minutes. Mostly happens when I'm on 5...

Firmware rog 5 old version

I need firmware versions above 18.030.2101, only the latest version appears on the Asus website. I can't update from 18 to 33, I needed 18.040 and those above that. Do you know where I can find it?

BRN by Star I
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Type C to 3.5 mm jack for Asus Rog 5 (Pubg/bgmi)

Hello, I want to purchase a type C to 3.5 mm converter to play BGMI/PUBG/CODM. I am using trigger to shoot so putting the wire on original 3.5 jack is not possible. Can someone suggest which type C to 3.5 mm converter is best ? I tried to do some goo...

Fingerprint Not Working

My Device is out of warranty, I purchase my rog 5 in 2021 and just 1 month ago suddenlyfingerprint stop working so please let me know the solution for that, I already rest my device 2 times but still i'm facing the issue. @Titan_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS  @L...


When Asus Rog 5 will get the update for 5G+ Currently i only get 5G but in other devices they get 5G+ with 5G+NR option but why it not in Rog 5 , I just Want to know that when Rog 5 will get the update of 5G+ and 5G NR update@Titan_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS ...

How to setup android application for metal detectors?

hello guys i am new here and i would like to ask how to setup android metal detector app .i wanna connect it with my mobile phone and also if anyone wants to join me in treasure hunting visit us

huznain by Star I
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