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Asus Rog 5s 5g wifi and hotspot not working and 5g network also not working

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Hi team,

I bought Asus Rog 5s 5g in Jan 2023. And now suddenly I'm not able to connect my wifi and hotspot it's not even opening and also I'm not able to connect 5g network via sim. Previously it was working fine but now suddenly after new Android update it's behaving like this can someone help. I need to use my hotspot and also reset is not an option if i bought this costly peice then it should be compatible with everything why suddenly everything becomes faulty.


Hi I have already tried everything if you guyz don't have any answer then I will file a fir and court case against you and against Flipkart coz they are selling your faulty product I paid a huge amount and this is not acceptable. If you want connect me with you higher rank manager I have dm you my number.

Hi Asus,

Please help me this time I have handed over my device to your service center they said it's a collection point they will send it to company. So request you to kindly tell them to courier it to you asap and diagnose it I'm a defense guyz I don't have enough time I'll directly file a court case dispute case against you. Also my phone is in warranty. And I have recorded all videos of submission no dents or cracks and system also working. If you guyz did any scam and you have to face consequences.


@Falcon_ASUS check your dm

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What should we do guyz ?


Regarding the issue you have reported, please refer to the following FAQ to see if the situation can be resolved. 
If the issue persists, we kindly request you to send your phone for repair to further investigate the matter.
Once you obtain the RMA number, please provide it to me so that I can notify the service center about your case.  

I have sent you a message, you can provide your contact information and RMA No through the message.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Funfact of Asus scam in your site my warranty is showing as expired though I purchased product in jan 2023. Why are you fooling people I want resolution kindly connect me with your higher team Asus.