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App lock still not working after factory data reset

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Hi, my ROG Phone 5's app lock still doesn't work even after doing a factory data reset. I set my app lock to after screen off, but only one app gets locked after I unlock only one app that I set a lock on. Every other apps that I've locked gets automatically unlocked.

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Okay, let me try to explain it once more.
There are three 'App relock time' settings to choose from under 'Lock behavior' in AppLock settings:
Always after use
3 minutes after unlock
After screen off
Of these three, only one (Always after use) will relock all apps when you close/move out of the app you've just unlocked.
The other two will disable AppLock for all apps when you unlock one app. (And relock them after 3 minutes or when your screen turns off, depending on the setting.)
This is not a bug, it's the intended behavior of those settings. The system will tell you as much when you choose them.
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