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Any reviews for asus ROG Phone 5s/ Asus_ I00DA after updating software to 33.0210.0210.200?

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Been looking for reviews on this update still can't find if its safe or not to update.. Because there are issues on previous updates.. I'm still on the last android 11 update and has no problems.. Can anyone give reviews if it has issues or problems?? Or will it destroy the motherboard like in android 12?? And if its safe to update can I skip the android 12 update?? 

Another question: How do you know if its a rog phone 5s or rog phone 5? Cause some apps detect my phone to be rog phone 5 but i bought the rog phone 5s 16gb 512gb but the model is ASUS_I00DA.. its not a tencent

Thanks in advance 


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Community Manager
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