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Everyone, I have a BAD news for the next coming update

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I followed up with @Mattias_ASUS regarding overheating issue on A14. Apparently, the dev team didn't find anything unusual, ironically. I attached a picture of our conversation. I tried everything I could to get us a fix but it turned out as sth that I didn't see coming at all.


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One of the users is a developer . @snowdance 

He found and circled the temperature for whomever it may concern ! After sending logs for many times , devs still don't accept it and say they haven't found anything ! Impossible ! Why are they pretending like it's nothing and it's not there?????


Have look at these pictures below.






Correct me if I'm wrong , but how many times do we have to send our logs and get ignored by dev team ? Not acceptable.

@Mattias_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Titan_ASUS 

As a customer who paid a lot for a premium phone , I deserve an answer here. Reply !

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Mattias has just sent me a messaged and he said : " The team is not done checking logs, the log from snowdance is being worked on.I will update when I get more information."

:cross_mark:Users that haven't still sent their logs please do as it might help them to fix the issues soon.


Rising Star II


As a customer who paid a lot for a premium phone , I deserve an answer here. Reply !

@Mattias_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Titan_ASUS 

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Wtf so they said they're not gonna fix this trash? If they're not going to fix it at least they should give us any tool to change our software to other one more stable like he .54 when I got my phone I used to have that one and there wasn't any overheating. What a trash answer we paid for a 1400 dollars phone and we're like if we had an 20 dollars phone without updates. 

Probably we should move to Red magic, even with their bugs they send more updates to fix their trash. 

Funny thing is , a user who is a developer found the codes in the log and it clearly shows high temperature of 45. And still they ignored and pretend they haven't found anything more that 31 C. B.S

That's what makes me get even more angry, bruh got 38°c just watching Instagram reels that's NOT normal, and same thing just watching YouTube wtf, when I installed data of warzone mobile got 38°c too but the surprise was that I got that temperature using the aero active cooler X and they're still saying that that's a normal temperature? Using cooler? Even where I live we're at 20°c that's not a normal temperature bruh!