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Superglue in side charging port.

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I accidentally got superglue on the little piece inside the USB C side port and now it doesnot respond to charging cable once inserted (it face a little bit of hinderance before the jack fully enters into the port) , i need help in which way can i at least get rid of the glue that i suspect is blocking the power from entering into device (and not broken port i hope) any materials can help? And is it ok yo use nails acetone when the phone is powered off or not?

P.S: after a few time the port is half working, like it can charge and do other stuff like music and file transfer, haven't tested the video output yet, but the issue is only one side works, we know that type C port don't truble us when we want to plug the cable to it, its reversible, but not in my case anymore!
One side if plugged in the phone doesn't respond to charge or any other function at all, but the other side works with the phone like nothing happened, i have no idea why nor how can this happen, if anyone has an idea why and where the damage possibly could be i would appreciate it!


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Finaly edit:
Issue solved, nails acetone did nothing, more like a cleaner for the debris inside the port, in the end i used a needle when the phone was offline and tried my best to remove anything seems out of shape, mostly breaking of when applying little force with white small debris getting of as i rub the needle on it, later on i found that the upper part of female javk has more glue covering the pins rather than the down side, so i tried my best gently removing it using another small curved tool(it was metal tho) and in the end after cleaning it with alittle bit of acetone wetting a piece of tissue then plugged the male into female and as you would expect it worked fine.
Useful info for readers:
1- you can use acetone or alcohol but make sure ur phone is powered down
2- youcan use metal items they wont make ur battery explode or something (in my experience test results)
3- make sure to clean it regularly, and ucan use any small tool, or ucan take an ear cleaner stick and with a knife peel it till it become so thin so that it can enter the area between the middle item and its surrounding in the female port, then ucan put on its head any substance wetting a small tissue used on the top of the stick، then clean it off carefully.
Thankfully it is not that delicate item to break so u would be fine as long as being considerate when cleaning it off.
Altho no response and i see the community kinda not interested, i hope those who need such info find this useful!

Glad to see you managed to save it!
I would still recommend that in case this now happens to someone else to please contact your closest ASUS Repair shop, especially since the USB port is very fragile and you could void your guarantee.

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