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ROG PHONE III Black Screen Internal Damage

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I'm new here because I have a problem and spreading awareness about ASUS ROG III smartphone.
P.S Excuse my incoming English
Enjoy reading 😄

My girlfriend brought me ASUS ROG III at (Dec 2020). The phone is amazing for my daily tasks aside from gaming. I had zero problems with the smartphone, and even bought screen protector and rugged cover, like literally the phone topped all any other smartphones in the market during that time (ASUS ROG III 512GB 12GB RAM?)

Until one day, I decided to go out with my young cousins to the beach at night. They brought floor mat and set it on the sand. We all sat for about an hour or so, and my smartphone at that time, was laid at the floor mat, was sitting on it? was it on my side? couldn't tell because it was extremely dark. The only visible light was our smartphones and did not used it during my time with the boys.

When it was time to move and go our homes, each of us went to their cars. I Immediately checked my belongings including my phone. The screen was behaving very weird. There were no cracks at all, no damage, no shatters of glass. Basically I saw something I have never seen before.

The symptoms were as followed respectively accumulated over time from the moment I noticed it was behaving very weird:

1- Display was on Rainbow state (Multicolor's mostly green and blue)
2- Display started to grow green squares with horizontal and vertical lines
3- Screen starts to go brightly blue (lock screen can be seen but barely)
4- Screen starts to go dark blue (cannot see lock screen)
5- Black screen (I can feel feedbacks but nothing can be seen)

All happened in the same day

Although there were no cracks or whatsoever on my display, couple of days later, I was checking the smartphone again and started focusing on the display that there is something damaged inside underneath the display.
I have never confronted nor experienced something like this before after many ownerships of smartphones in my life.

RIP ASUS ROG III #Died after 3 months from the day of purchase

Attached Photos of my smartphone after the incident:





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@GMNGQ8 I replied to your other thread on the same topic. Please contact a local ASUS service center and/or your reseller about a potential screen replacement.