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ROG PHONE 3 failed firmware update causes freeze and Force crash

Star II

Ever since an update that happened a month ago the phone no longer reads the SIM card, Will stop responding once tapped on for details. The phone will work for about 5 minutes till it freezes then force crashes, booting up into some failed flashing Qualcomm  crashdump mode?

I have looked Throughout the entire Internet for firmwares or solutions to this problem and None exist. There are not even Stock firmware links to help reset the phone to previous version. It is extremely difficult to find help and so I ask for a miracle. Please Help me restore my Asus rog 3.

Firmware version ww_phone-31.0210.0210.286-0

Not rooted

Also NOT tencent.

If need any more information please contact.


Rising Star II

ww_phone-31.0210.0210.286-0 Can you share this version with me? I want to update the zip file manually. 

Rising Star II

Are you there?

Yes sorry, but I do not know how to share an update file. I wish there was a way to update manually but the site took down all firmware available.

How did you update? Thank you