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Cannot call or receive calls? Asus Rog 3

Wondering if anyone can help me or has the same issue as me So I have the Asus rog phone 3 strix edition Android 12 Current firmware is 31.0210.0210.272 So for the last 2 weeks I cannot call or receive calls but I can text message and use the Interne...

files needed

hi were i can get these files??Download and install the WW-17.0823.2104.147 firmware package.Download and install the WW-18.0410.2106.138 firmware package.You should now be able to download and install the latest WW-18.0410.2111.185 firmware package....

Marurix by Star II
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Resolved! black screen randomly

My rog phone 3 gets black screen randomly whit no batery led on but my back led {red} is on

ciupi by Star I
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ROG 3 Boot Problem

Can anyone help.History: Phone suddenly freeze up and shutdown at ~20% battery. Cannot turn on when pressing the power button. Tried to charge the phone but it only shows a fast red-blinking notification lights, and after that nothing happens (not ev...

Unlocking Bootloader in 2024?

So yeah, where is the Bootloader unlocker tool?It has been removed by ASUS last year with no warning whatsoever.Does anyone have a local copy of it?

HexHyte by Rising Star I
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Resolved! 5G not working

I recharged with 479 plan and I see true 5G in my jio app but it is not working on my rog 3. I only see 4G+ option. I get this issue on my device


Questions about Rog Phone 3

So I have been waiting to buy this phone ( The strix edition) for quite a while, i do like all its specs even the camera I think still does a pretty good job. But even after all the research I still have a few doubts, so if someone could answer them ...

Rog phone3 battery problem

Hi everybody, i have some problems with my phone ( rog 3 (zs661ks) )For example , when i put it on charging, it restarts itself, and also if i shut it down, or battery is 0%  it i cant turn it on for a long time. I think battery finished its resource...

Daviti by Star I
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