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Zephyrus G16 not showing as DCI-P3 ?

Star I

Ive got a Zephyrus G16 2023 and have just used DisplayCal to try to calibrate the screen for accurate photo editing.

The software is reporting only about 72% coverage and gamut of DCI-P3 and appears to be operating entirely in sRGB mode. The colours on the screen visually seem to back this up.

Im NOT using Armoury Crate (using GHelper) but i do recall in AC a setting for P3 before i uninstalled it.

Has removing AC somehow added something to force sRGB and if so, how do i go about getting the full gamut back?

Ive found a few icc/icm files installed with the laptop name and ending with a P3 title but selecting those in colour management still doesnt fix it.



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