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Rog strix G17 (2021) G713QM

Star I

I need to know what the price of a new motherboard for this before I commit to fixing it. (NOT UNDER WARRANTY) Asus Rog strix G17 (2021) G713QM Ryzen 7 5800H 32GB RAM RTX3060 1TB SSD

I have freezing after 3 minutes after boot up  Everything was tried to get it to stop freezing.

When it was cleaned it had the thermal paste reapplied

Windows 10 reinstalled, Ram, SSD, Battery all test and work correctly.

For it being only a few years old it truly pissed me off that this laptop no longer works, it spend six months being looked at by professional they all tell me it's the motherboard, and that they are unable to get said motherboard I would be better off buying a new laptop which is costly since this should not have failed so quickly.

An don't tell me to post in the forums they are useless in my case.




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@CN-32 Board will cost 60-80% of actual laptop cost , Better you can buy a new one 

Yeah If that's what it takes I guess I'll just buy a new one an it will not be an Asus, that's for sure lost my business for good after this experience I've had with their laptops.

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That is what I find funny about Asus links to useless forums that clearly won't help in anyway Been there even post there helping my fellow users or your products out only for them to as well figure out they are also screwed when they find the MOTHERBOARD is dead after a few years of usage.