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ZenScreen Go MB16AP Instantly Turns Off

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Brand new Zenscreen MB16AP.

When connected to any device ASUS logo appears with power light blue then instantly switch's off after which there in no response from any button pushes.

Tried the Reboot option nothing changes. Disconnect from the device leave disconnected for a few mins then plug into device again and the same happens. Change device and it does exactly the same. Plugged into Mobile phone and does the same.

Have fully charged and when I did manage to get to see a battery level indicator that was on 83% so cant be a power issue.

When connected to my mobile phone I can see it loosing its connection through the USB connected device indicator.

This is now the second Zenscreen I have had as the first one didn't even power up so sent it back.

Not happy at all considering the cost of the device.

Serial Number :- KALMTF041917

This device will now be getting sent back for full a refund and will look to alternative vendors for a better quality product.



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Community Manager
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