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Zenscreen and Android in portrait mode

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I'm thinking of buying a Zenscreen.

But it's for a very specific use case and it's kind of a deal breaker if it doesn't work in he way I need it to work.

So, for the question:

I can use a Zenscreen together with an andriod phone (Galaxy S9 in my case) in portrait mode ?

I know the standard Android USB-C out function don't support this but I thought maybe ASUS has solved in some was.

Does anyone know or have experience of this?

Thank you!




Here we mainly discuss the issues/questions related to ASUS laptop & Phone product.
For your ZenScreen questions, I suggest you contact our local call center to have further assistance.
Please refer to below and find the link of local call center. 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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Community Manager
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