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ROG 6/Zenscreen Orientation in Portrait Mode

Star III

So I engaged with Asus support directly and needless to say, their response was unfuriating. Basically we have no intention of doing anything about this as your using an Android device. Nevermind we're talking 2 Asus products.

So I'm asking the wider community here. What third party solutions are there available to force external monitor orientations on android? I have second screen but that only locks the phone orientation, does anyone have any other suggestions?
If the Zenscreen actually just had a actual setting to set orientation manually or Asus had a app to manage Zenscreens themselves this would be a non issue. I see other people have wanted to do this for awhile now with the ROG line too. It even worked as intended on a ROG3?

I'm done buying any Asus product at this point between this and more serious issues with a Z13 flow.

Edit/this is the wrong forum but whatever 💀