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Upgrade RAM and SSD in ASUS X550CA

Star II


Hello, everyone,

I know my laptop is old, but I'd like to ask if anyone knows if the ASUS x550CA XX103H laptop model supports SSD discs like SSD Crucial BX500 240GB 2.5 Sata3 in the following link:*jppfy0*_up*MQ..*_ga*MTk0NDA1MTQ5Ni4xNzE5MDA2Nz...

I'd also like to know what the maximum RAM this laptop supports and what the RAM details are to buy RAM without specification errors. I need mainly the details of RAM!

I can't find this information in the manual!

This laptop is still used to play some games from that time (2013-2014), but games without demanding too much from the laptop.

Thank you!



Please refer to the following FAQ and provide your laptop's serial number so that I can verify its specifications. Thank you.
How to find Product Serial Number and Check Number

But the sata3 standard is compatible with the SATA standard, right?
What voltage is the memory?

Thank you.

Even if it's an SSD connected to a SATA I port that allows speeds of up to 150MB/sec, it's always better than a 5400 rpm hard disk that only has speeds of 50 to 80MB/sec.

What I want to know is what the RAM voltage is for this laptop !


Hi, I've found out the serial number and model of the laptop.
Serial number: D7N0CV534041294

What I want to know is if I can install a 1.5v ddr3 memory with cl 11 in this laptop.

The model of the laptop is: X550CA-XX103H

Thanks for your help!