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TUF Gaming FX505GT Laptop Not Performing Well

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Battery or AC:
Model: TUF Gaming FX505GT
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
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Detailed description:Around October 17-19, my laptop(BIOS 308, the latest offered by MyASUS) performance suddenly decreased. For example, playing videos games my FPS would be 60 normally, but now it is 9-30. Overall, there are stuttering and lagging when playing video games. My internet is working fine. Streaming videos, doing multiple tasks, or downloading, there are noticeable lag. MyASUS(V2.2.44.0) checkup shows there may be an issue with the fan. I've went to Nvidia Control Panel and set it to High-Performance Nvidia Processor, Power Option and set to High Performance and still nothing. Using Turbo mode, the fans are somewhat quiet and CPU/GPU fan kicks up to 2800-2900 RPM. Normally, using Turbo mode, the laptop emits a very loud noise and CPU/GPU fan kicks well over 5000-5500 RMP. So something is wrong here. I've also installed ASUS System Control Interface V2( V2.2.30.0) and reinstall MyASUS and the problem still persist. I've also resetted my laptop twice and it fixed nothing. I've checked Task Manager and Armoury Crate(V3.1.6.0), CPU/GPU temperatures seems fine. I'm not tech savy and not sure what is going on. Could it be CPU/GPU fan? Or motherboard? If you need more information to help a guy out, please ask.
Edit: I also should mention when I do Full Scan on Window Virus Security, it usually take 15-20 minutes and utilization of CPU is 98-99%. Now, it takes slighty longer and utilization of CPU is around 33%. I don't know if that info will help. I've also never underclocked or overlocked my CPU because I don't know how to do that.
Edit 2: I've emailed ASUS about the issue. It will take 48 hours for them to get back. I will update as soon as ASUS respond.
Thank you
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I got a reply from Asus Support telling me to do a hard reset and that has worked for me!

Unplug the power cable from the laptop, and hold the power button down for 60 seconds. Then plug it in and start up the computer. That's worked for me. Like I said before though, I'm on BIOS 307, so not sure how it might work for later versions.

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Never mind this. Started up a game of Rainbow 6 Siege and the stutters returned in full force

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Same trouble! On FX506IU!!!

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I've do steps above and my desktop is doing well but when I open for example CS GO myCPU is underclocking from 4 GHz t o 3,50 Ghz and CPU usage is 100%

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please fix these issues ASAP Asus 🙏 my works depend on my laptop (FX505GT). even it is in idle mode and not opening any program at all, i noticed some lags just by moving my cursor around.

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Hello guys i'm also FX505 gt user and i have the same problem freq is below 1 GHz and i'm in bios 307 version what can i do to solve this problem