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Problem when shutdown

Star I

I have some problem when i shutdown my labtop It will start turn on automatically. And When i tried sleep laptop the display will auto display on.

I tried to shutdown and close my display labtop to force stop problem auto start and open display again. it didn’t auto start But it not show light sign of charging battery status. And this situation my keyboard(external) rgb light is still turn light on( look like power still coming from my laptop).So i press start button is not working.

So i tried to hard reset (by hold start button 40 sec) seem like my labtop cut power,by i see my keyboard (external) light off and just little bit sec charging battery light sign is show. So i press start it work sometimes. If it didn’t start i need to hardreset and do like previously again to start.

Have someone know what is problem? Can it be fixed?



May I know the complete model of your laptop?
Based on your description, there is a higher likelihood that the system is encountering errors.
I recommend backing up your data and resetting the system.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 
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