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Need help

Dear Asus Members,

I really needed a help, please even if this content is not related to some Asus products but please we really needed a help. (Claims not using a single $)

My friend's phone brand is iphone 8 was slipped from her pocket from swimming and fall in to the pool but when she opened her phone it still powers on but the worst thing is she cannot touch the main display except from the home button. Please @AsusComunity



I'm sorry to hear about your friend's phone encountering this situation.
For any electronic product, if it falls into water, we would recommend the following steps:
1. First, immediately power off the phone. If the battery of your phone is removable or if it is connected to a power source, please remove it.
2. Then, use a clean cloth or tissue to wipe the liquid off the surface of the phone.
3. Move the phone near a sink and tilt it ninety degrees to pour out any remaining liquid inside the phone.
4. Wipe the liquid off the surface of the phone again with a clean cloth or tissue.
5. Let the phone sit for twenty-four hours to allow the internal liquid to dry. Do not use a hairdryer to dry it to avoid overheating and deformation of the shell.
6. Reconnect the phone's power and try to turn it on. If it can be powered on normally, please back up the important data on the phone first.
7. Whether the phone can be used normally or not, it is recommended to contact customer service center for testing and repair arrangements after testing to prevent sudden failures caused by oxidation and corrosion.

Thank you.