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Missing accessories

dear concern i have just received my need laptop Rog 15 serial mumber : R4NRKD008902149in the box there suppose to be 2 laptop chargers . but i have only got the large charger . the small charger is missing 

Resolved! Difference in two models of 4070 Proart Studiobook 16 OLED?

I have been looking at getting the Proart Studiobook 16 OLED with the 4070, however when looking on the UK Asus page I see there are two model numbers with identical specs as far as I can see, but there is a £100 difference in the price. Can anyone t...

Laptop suddenly turned off and won't turn back on

I have an Asus Dash F15 FX516P and have owned it for almost 2 years. I've used it heavily over the past two years, 2-7 hours almost every day for work/gaming and I always keep it on charge when it's on my desk, which is about 95% of the time. I've ru...

yunnun by Star I
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International Warranty

Hello everyone. I live in Greece and a relative of mine who lives in the US can buy me ASUS ROG Strix G16, which is way cheaper in the US than Greece. However, I am kinda worried about the warranty. I saw that most products get international warranty...

Nvidia Card not Detected

I am using the ASUS Tuf gaming laptop A15 2021 .I recently flushed my system and since then I can't install Nvidia Drivers it's giving me an error , saying my device is does have an NVIDIA card and is not compatible. In BIOS it show that my system us...

FA707XI BIOS updates failing after 307 BIOS update

Hi,I was given the link to this site by an ASUS representative from youtube.I have an FA707XI laptop and as part of the normal updating process it downloaded and installed BIOS update 307, all went well the BIOS flashes and I have had no issues, then...

ROG Laptop won’t go to sleep properly

Just got a 2022 ROG Strix G15 (Ryzen 7-6800H, RTX 3050), been using it for about 2 months or so give or take. Since I’m a student, I frequently put my laptop to sleep to carry it in between classes or preserve battery during a class break (it admitte...

saskun by Star I
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Laptop thinks its open when closed and visa versa

When my laptop is off I can't turn it on when the lid is open, when i close the lid it turns on.If I open the laptop then before it's fully started it turns off again, when the login screen already appeared it stays on (because I chaned the settings)...

Camera Upside-down

HiI have installed latest driver for my asus laptop windows 8.1 single language but my camera is upside down. I do not what to do. 

Witch Laptop models have charging through the USB-C

Hi.I may upgrade my Zenbook that have usb-c charging capabilities.How to find out witch other models has that.I can use additional power, but I would like to also use usb-c as charger.